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      I am passionate about butterflies!



So easy for us  as adults to ignore, yet etched into our childhood as wonders of life. Jewels of nature embodying  freedom, innocence, exquisiteness, transformation and transience, they epitomize the countryside, sun and summer and are becoming increasingly rare.


I have been lucky enough to spend many happy hours, sometimes alone and sometimes in good company in the wild with these creatures. Obtaining worthwhile images has become a wonderful challenge, one which I intend to build on into the future. 


Producing a website feels worthwhile, even if only few people ever browse. I hope you and they enjoy my work. Please note this will forever be a work in progress, some images are of better quality than others and hopefully will be upgraded over time. It is not comprehensive, and many species will be missing, I just have never seen them, or never photographed them. I am also no authority on identification. Some of thes photos may be mis-identified, but I have authenticated all of them to the best I am able. If you have any observations regarding this, please contact me.


Please help whenever possible to respect and protect butterflies where they live, and look after foodplants and nectar plants for your local species, you never know how long the butterflies will be around as their domains are shrinking rapidly. It would be a shame if only photographs remained.

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