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Nymphalis antiopa - Camberwell Beauty

Nymphalis-antiopa-camberwell-beauty | PTKbutterflies

With it's evocative English name, I yearned for years to see this, from the earliest time I learned it appeared in ones and twos most year in the East of England. Sadly it eluded me for 50 years, until one turned up out of the blue, allowed me to actually handle her, and was willing to pose for an underside shot with my camera. I'm not quite sure whether she was in her last few days, I believe she had probably been in adult form for approximately a year, as she was seen in June in Switzerland. Undoubtedly my lucky day for a butterfly photo! 

The second, open wing shot is of a fresh individual, in it's year of emergence.

Nymphalis-antiopa-camberwell-beauty | PTKbutterflies
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